Waba Crater Adventure

Waba Crater Adventure Waba Crater Adventure
Waba Crater Adventure
Tuesday, 17 Feb - Saturday, 28 Feb
Jeddah - Location will be shared post registration
01:00 am - 01:00 am

Waba Crater Adventure

Waba crater is a deep hole in the ground with the depth of 380 meters. It's 6 km away from Hafer Kashab village, 39 km north from Om AlDom village in AlTaif. It's about 460 km away from JEddah which is about 5 hours driving.


The center of the crater is covered with a white coloured salty layer, it's believed that it comes from the rain water staying in the center of the crater forming a small lake that doesn't sink in to the ground.


Researchers believe the crater was formed due to a volcanic explosion and others say it's due to the fall of a huge shooting star, but there is nothing to confirm any of the theories. When you go down about 15 km from the ground you can see a lot of palm trees and the small plants the grow on the water, and if you go furtheryou can see a little of desert plants that disappear fast whn you walk towards the center of the crater.

This crater is considered to be the deppest in Saudi Arabia.


The expected weather is between 15-30 degrees.

There will be a good phone signal


Some of the activities you'll have on this trip are discovering the crater and astronomical observing 


Price includes: Tent for one, food and drinks, activities, guidance and regulation papers.


What you need to bring:

- Professional walking backpack 28 leters

- Transportation

- Sleeping bag

- Jacket

- Head light

- Pants

- Trips chair

- Sunblock or headcover 

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Location map

Location map
Jeddah - Location will be shared post registration

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