Historical Jeddah Festival

Historical Jeddah Festival Historical Jeddah Festival
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Historical Jeddah Festival
Tuesday, 13 Jan - Sunday, 25 Jan
Jeddah - Jeddah - Down Town
01:00 am - 01:00 am

Historical Jeddah Festival

Historical Jeddah Festival is back again!

You'll have the chance to visit the beautiful old times and get to know all about it from the food, crafts, houses, arts and most of all the beauty behind the souls

The festival lasts for 10 days from Tuesday January 15 to Saturday January 24




There will be four tracks in the festival

1. Shopping track

2. Historical Track

3. Cultural Track

4. Entertainment Track


Some of the activities you'll get to watch and engage with are:

- Building Roshans workshop

- Building Hejazi homes workshop

- Surprising plays with Hejazi idioms

- Professdional Photogrophers wall

- Old cars exhibition

- AlBalad Stand Up 2 www.lammt.com/activity/75



And a lot more that will force you to visit more than once, and wonder what to do in each visit


There will be volunteers and supervisors to help you get to your destination and answer byour inquiries


There are couple of moving characters that you'll get to meet while you walk around

- Police men

- Mail man

- Ice seller

- AlLabban

- AlAssa

Also this year we have 2 new characters to the festival 

#Seedo_Keda and #Seto_Keda

You'll see them in different places, capture a photo with them if you get to meet them 

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Location map

Location map
Jeddah - Jeddah - Down Town

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