Saudi Design Week

Saudi Design Week Saudi Design Week Saudi Design Week Saudi Design Week
Saudi Design Week
Thursday, 06 Oct - Sunday, 09 Oct
Riyadh - AlFaisaliah Rsort at Durrat AlRiyadh
06:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Saudi Design Week

In its broadest sense, illumination can refer to various disciplines and periods of time.

In the upcoming Saudi Design Week, the organisers will be asking participants and creative practitioners to explore the notion of illumination through design. We’re asking and encouraging participants to investigate the role that design plays in bringing to light important social issues, techniques, use of material and other topics within the context of a creative medium.

Within the context of Saudi Arabia, contemporary design has yet to make significant strides on a global platform. However, cultural design,that used to be distinct to Saudi Arabia, mitigated cultural heritage and also played a significant role in problem solving for the environment it was created for.

Design offers various tools to creative to allow for expression. Through the SDW 2016 ‘Illumination’ platform, the organizers hope to make significant strides in launching the contemporary Saudi design scene to the global design arena. Saudi Design Week 2016 will include main exhibition, design forum, workshops, special events and special installations.


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Friday (7 October)

Screenings and workshops 4:00 - 6:00
Sarah Toukan 7:00
Thalia Kennedy / Ibda3 and Turquoise Mountain 7:30
Maan Bajnaid / Swaying again; with lights 8:00
Ammar Sabban / Designing Jappiness 8:45
Ahmed Hassan/Aggregate Systems 9:10

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Location map

Location map
Riyadh - AlFaisaliah Rsort at Durrat AlRiyadh